It’s been about eight months since I started the Hairdressing program at Laurier Macdonald Career Centre. I have been to three other schools related to beauty in both private and public and am enjoying my experience here the most. My teachers, Luciano and Lora, are extremely informative and well experienced. They are highly skilled in their profession and are more than willing to go out of their way to help their students. Through tasks and discussions they figure out our goals and are continuously doing their best to help us achieve it. I am a part time university student and a business owner as well so I thought an intensive yearlong class like this might harm my work outside the school; but the course work is VERY reasonable and always relevant to the field of Hairdressing. I would highly recommend Laurier Macdonald for all their vocational programs. They don’t only care about giving out certificates here, but about the experience and excellence in their students work.

Moushomee Karim

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