Why working with your hands is coming back into “style”

We’ve all heard the old clichés about proud parents wanting their children to become Doctors, Lawyers, and Architects. “Stay in school,” they’ll say. “Get a nice clean job,... Read More

  • By: Nizaar G

Trade School Advantages

An Overview of Major advantages to Attend Career Trade Schools

The primary objective of this article is to present you with useful information regarding the advantages of attend... Read More

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Hairdressing Careers

Hairdressing Careers Are Gaining Immense Popularity Across Montreal

If you think it’s your face, garments or body language that forms first impression, then think again because latest studies claim that it’s ... Read More

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Montreal Beauty School

3 Things to Look for in a Top Quality Montreal Beauty School

Canada ranks highest in the world when it comes to spending on beauty. Our $1.4 billion beauty market grew an impressive 8% between 2013 and 2014 (as co... Read More