SectorBeauty Care (21)
Number of Credits30
Total Hours450 hours

Electrolysis Program Objectives

To enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to plan and carry out various electrolysis techniques such as the blend method; to know the effects of the various techniques and the decisions to be made to perform electrolysis care safely and efficiently; to understand the relation between systemic pathologies, the functions of the skin and the physiological effects of electrical currents, as well as the underlying scientific principles related to their safe and effective use; to develop the competencies related to psychology and professional ethics in the work place.


Electrolysis Program



Electrolysis Program Content

Code Competency Hours Credits
917-011 Observe the code of ethics 15 1
917-021 Observe rules and measures regarding hygiene and safety 15 1
917-031 Understand the relation between the pilosebaceous unit and electrolysis 15 1
917-043 Do a consultation 45 3
917-055 Use the thermolysis method on the lower limbs 75 5
917-066 Use the thermolysis method on various body areas 90 6
917-072 Use the galvanic part of the blend machine 30 2
917-087 Use the blend method 105 7
917-094 Use the thermolysis method or blend method on the face and neck 60 4
TOTAL 450 30