SectorAesthetics Care (21)
Number of Credits90
Total Hours1350 hours

AestheticsĀ Program Objectives

To enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to plan and carry out various electrolysis techniques such as the blend method; to know the effects of the various techniques and the decisions to be made to perform electrolysis care safely and efficiently; to understand the relation between systemic pathologies, the functions of the skin and the physiological effects of electrical currents, as well as the underlying scientific principles related to their safe and effective use; to develop the competencies related to psychology and professional ethics in the work place.

Aesthetics Program Functional Prerequisites

A person who has reached the age of 18 may be admitted to a aesthetics program of study leading to a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP) on the basis of functional prerequisites. These functional prerequisites described for a person who has attained the age of 18 at the start date reported attendance in the professional study program are: the success of the General Development Test (GDT) and obtaining and successful tests relating to specific prerequisites in language of instruction and mathematics, if any.

This table shows the new course codes for common core training (BCF) and the diverse basic training (FBD) required for specific prerequisites in language of instruction and mathematics for the intended program of study. In the context of the new codes during the BCF and FBD are gradual implementation, it is indicated in brackets the old course codes are still valid. The equivalent code during general youth training is also indicated in this table. When a DVS does not require any specific prerequisites in language of instruction or mathematics, a (-) appears in the corresponding cells. Note that the functional prerequisites do not apply for professional specialization certificate programs (ASP).




Aesthetics Program Content


Code Competency Hours Credits
916-011 Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process 15 1
916-022 Apply rules and measures regarding hygiene and safety 30 2
916-032 Maintain apparatus and equipment 30 2
916-046 Relate body systems with aesthetic care 90 6
916-052 Apply concepts of interpersonal communication 30 2
916-064 Analyze the skin and epidermal appendages 60 4
916-071 Maintain harmonious professional relationships 15 1
916-086 Compare cosmetic products 90 6
916-094 Give a manual massage 60 4
916-108 Give a basic facial 120 8
916-112 Perform daily management operations 30 2
916-123 Perform a personalized sales transaction 45 3
916-137 Apply basic makeup 105 7
916-144 Give a manicure 60 4
916-157 Give a wax hair-removal treatment 105 7
916-168 Give a facial treatment 120 8
916-174 Apply personalized makeup 60 4
916-182 Give a foot-care treatment 30 2
916-196 Give a face-care treatment 90 6
916-202 Give a back-care treatment 30 2
916-212 Become informed about body care 30 2
916-227 Enter the labour force 105 7
TOTAL 1350 90