Hands on Automotive Program Training

Let our automotive program at LMCC transform you into one of the most highly skilled and useful people in the garage! We have a fleet of 30 automobiles and we are armed with formal Automotive training; you can become a respected worker in a field that requires qualified technicians to keep up with interesting and challenging work environments. The business of servicing automobiles is changing rapidly as new models emerge and more sophisticated and complex technologies take hold. It’s becoming more and more difficult to learn everything you need to know from on-the-job training alone, making automotive trade schools more important.

Automotive Program TrainingWe provide the foundation in our program allowing students to move on in other technical fields.

At LMCC, after your diploma in Automotive mechanics, we keep abreast of evolving technology in the industry and offer specialized coursesat our Centre in conjunction with the CPA (Comité paritaire de l’industrie des services automobiles de la région de Montréal)

All our vocational programs offer our outstanding students the ability to compete in Quebec Skills competition/Les Olympiads.

Our Automotive Program:

Automobile Mechanics

Auto Mechanic